To all the boys who have made me feel stupid before

While my heart isn't the playground where you used to tease and be mean to the girl you liked, let me borrow it as a metaphor. My heart is the chains connecting the swings to the wooden posts; it is the wooden posts themselves, proudly standing like flagpoles and as firm as life itself, taking [...]

Alternating Current

Alternating Current

The huge stretch of road ahead of you is pacific, straight, level. I've found it's usually calmness that elicits reflection. You are the solar powered car driving across the country, with a defined place of origin paraded around the back and the front - you can never really deny where you come from, I've found. I [...]

Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories

June 18th 2017 was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the sun shone indifferently through the wispiest clouds. I remember the sky that day - deep piercing blue, radiant, untouchable. Not giving a shit. I dropped my best friend off at the airport and in his hug I already felt the tears coming; he had helped [...]


Change is the only constant I repeat myself over and over Aimlessly shouting into the void Hoping the echoes will show me the way Too fearful to go find the walls I hesitate at the brink of the cave Seeing the light but not letting it quite touch my skin As I speak of bravery [...]


My lungs control my brain. Every so often it gasps in the fire, that of a burning house or perhaps the toxic smoke of my surroundings. The soft tissue that has been breathing life into my body from the very first moment knows when the air is getting harder to breathe; it knows when starving [...]


From now on, when people ask me what I want to do in the future, I'm going to say that I want to live an extraordinary life.  We've been so conditioned to think of extraordinary lives as a big picture - a famous actress, the best paid football player, a successful journalist - that we [...]


"You're too much", he said. Too deep. Too lively. You're too much light. Because the universe was inside of her, and because she was the universe, she could feel the stardust that formed the very ends of her fingertips. She looked up at the stars in awe, stared at the Milky Way in its grandiosity [...]