Protein Bars

She hid her face behind her palms. Spread out beneath her was a kitchen table full of snacks - candy bars, pretzels, soft sponge cakes, a variety of nuts deposited into square containers, bowls of chips, gummy bears, granola bars and pigs-in-a-blanket covered every square inch of the polished wooden surface. Amanda agonized, guiltily at her denial of the perfectly fine food spread out in front of her, and selfishly at her immovable knowledge that none of it was just what she wanted. 
Not that she knew what she wanted.


You sound like the softest velvet plum Vinegary As in I crave the tanginess between my lips. If people have a taste you’re red wine Crisp and all-encompassing Paired well with my all my sides.

To all the boys who have made me feel stupid before

While my heart isn't the playground where you used to tease and be mean to the girl you liked, let me borrow it as a metaphor. My heart is the chains connecting the swings to the wooden posts; it is the wooden posts themselves, proudly standing like flagpoles and as firm as life itself, taking [...]


My lungs control my brain. Every so often it gasps in the fire, that of a burning house or perhaps the toxic smoke of my surroundings. The soft tissue that has been breathing life into my body from the very first moment knows when the air is getting harder to breathe; it knows when starving [...]