To feel things so deeply I wonder if everyone else is blind when they don't see all the magic


The first step from the beach into the ocean always gives me goosebumps. There's always a deep tug in my heart, a longing so primal it could be a childhood memory or a feeling on its own, the need to be by the water. To think of it, imagine the sound of the waves, remember [...]

No need for forever

But here is my goal- To live a life in defiance of time, man-made phenomenon, dictator of opportunities.

Why must you speak in riddles

For someone who loves words, and loves telling stories There are very few secrets I want to keep Only a few moments I'd like to keep to myself Not that many memories I put in the little music box. For some things when shared are ruined They wilt when they are exposed to the surface [...]

Alternating Current

Alternating Current

The huge stretch of road ahead of you is pacific, straight, level. I've found it's usually calmness that elicits reflection. You are the solar powered car driving across the country, with a defined place of origin paraded around the back and the front - you can never really deny where you come from, I've found. I [...]