Tank fish

My ankles throb and I can't sleep - body tired, mind racing. There are itches and scratches and bruises to poke at, there's the temperature and the position and some annoying static noise coming from the radio. It's dark but my eyes have adapted to the dark, and so it feels like it could well [...]

Your move

Is there such thing as a flower with wings? As the magician with the hat, I've build myself up to seem like I pull bravery out of my head. Here she goes again - moving to a completely different country at 15, barely able to hold a conversation in their language.  Then she went again, [...]


He reached deep into his pockets, numb fingertips from the cold touching the very end of the fabric. The air around him was dense and still, and the fog covered the dirt like a heavy wool blanket. His feet kept the same pace, though, and further down the path he went with every next breath [...]


From now on, when people ask me what I want to do in the future, I'm going to say that I want to live an extraordinary life.  We've been so conditioned to think of extraordinary lives as a big picture - a famous actress, the best paid football player, a successful journalist - that we [...]

California, here we come

California, here we come

Bright sunsets over the ocean. Hard waves crashing repeatedly against the shore. Thick, sticky sand on the bottom of your feet. The smell of salt and ocean in the air, stroking your nose ever so gently. The sound of laughter in the endless night, ocean-side, illuminating the dark cold waters. Cold drinks in the cold [...]