The Bite

But when the summer starts to bite it’s too late andI know that no amount of begging will bring back theHopeful blossoming coming out of the groundLike little stubs of hope that are too stubborn against the concreteAll things are meant to fall and failTo chaos everything must always returnBut I can’t be blamed for [...]


You sound like the softest velvet plum Vinegary As in I crave the tanginess between my lips. If people have a taste you’re red wine Crisp and all-encompassing Paired well with my all my sides.

To all the boys who have made me feel stupid before

While my heart isn't the playground where you used to tease and be mean to the girl you liked, let me borrow it as a metaphor. My heart is the chains connecting the swings to the wooden posts; it is the wooden posts themselves, proudly standing like flagpoles and as firm as life itself, taking [...]

Why must you speak in riddles

For someone who loves words, and loves telling stories There are very few secrets I want to keep Only a few moments I'd like to keep to myself Not that many memories I put in the little music box. For some things when shared are ruined They wilt when they are exposed to the surface [...]

Dry riverbed

Some days the words flow so quickly I wonder if they even belong to me at all, this outpouring river of metaphors and explanations and questions - and then the next days I am but a mute person, my words abandoning me into a silent mess, unable to express myself or summarize one mere thought- [...]


There's what it is Then there's what I see There's what it could or should be And there's what shall never be Between all the what ifs and would haves Lies me. Lies down. Lies to myself. Tangled up in the rich vines of my imagination- Self reliant, so dependent Upon the destination When my [...]