No need for forever

But here is my goal-

To live a life in defiance of time, man-made phenomenon, dictator of opportunities. To stretch out 24 hours into what feels like 30, 48, 56. To pack life into my days, each and every one of them, as if I was a dying sickling walking around this Earth with my wide eyes open to the endless possibilities in every corner as you make a choice but knowing they are oh so limited.

To sincerely, truly, deeply not care what the outside opinions are of this pilgrimage – because my mind is here to be spoken, anyone welcome to listen, no harm taken if ignored.

It’s as if I found myself in a long, wide field of sunflowers that are all turned to the ground and it’s also nighttime so you can’t really see the beautiful landscape but you can look up and see the stars, or look down and see all shapes of life writhing through the earth, and I finally finally realized what it’s all about, what is the one thing it can be about. It’s about dancing in the middle of those sunflowers and leaving my mark, right there, so you can see where I stepped on them and where I lifted them back up. Nothing makes sense if we’re not all here to pack as much life into our lives as we can. To live richly, with the senses, with the mind, like in poetry. To only deposit precious time into the pots we mean to.

To set up a daily alarm, like the ones we use to wake us up to the same tasks every week day, to remind us that well nothing is forever.