“You’re too poetic, what you’re writing is so weird”

If my presence overwhelms you – leave.

If it rubs you the wrong way because I do too much, because I act as if I don’t sleep, because I’m a seemingly infinite fountain and there shall never be an end to me, don’t stay near. If I exaggerate my storytelling and that makes you angry, don’t listen.

If my ambition makes you feel guilty, if my words don’t inspire you, if my smile doesn’t encourage you, then there’s no point. If I invoke in you anything other than fun and joy or question and wonder or any combination of the curious person I am then I don’t understand why you’re still here. I want to be around fantastic people, those who amaze me, who encourage me, who are opposite me, who I don’t agree with, who understand me with a glance, or who otherwise remind me just how amazing it is that we all share this place and time together. Not those who drain me, no.

Don’t try and diminish my soul, and don’t try and dim what happens when I walk into a room. My expansive, flexible, unapologetic self will continue to fill in the cracks and corners and awkward spaces with my touch – like a wildfire, I will not apologize and back down from my territory that I conquer. I don’t want to hide anymore. That’s just who I am. Here I am.