Alternating Current

The huge stretch of road ahead of you is pacific, straight, level. I’ve found it’s usually calmness that elicits reflection. You are the solar powered car driving across the country, with a defined place of origin paraded around the back and the front – you can never really deny where you come from, I’ve found. I say these metaphors because they paint the imagery some words just can’t, on their own.

Sure the sun is the infinite source but sometimes there are clouds in the sky – volcanoes will erupt and cover the sun with ashes and you just can’t get enough light. The point is you need a source and your source needs to be varied otherwise when it exhausts you exhaust too, expire, and arrogance is not a fuel source but neither is wishful thinking.

And physics literally dictate you can only run on empty for so long.

Like interstate 70, you can reach the highest point but then finish just short of the end, stopped by outside forces you can’t control. The world tells you, well, just push ahead, find a way, make it work, turn water into wine and keep on running.

But no one will talk to you about the dangers of going into overdrive.

And maintenance – you need to maintain your perishable sources and treat them as such. Not even the sun is truly infinite. Treat the irreplaceable as irreplaceable. Meaning is not automatically inscribed – it has to be made. Make meaning. Make it mean something. Not the flat straight direct road leading to nowhere in particular but maybe highway 1, winding, undulating, ending where the cliffs meet the sea…


You have shed a thousand skins to become the person you are today
And if you ever feel overwhelmed by the many people you once were, remember,
Your bones have grown, but what makes them has never changed.”
Nikita Gill