I never bury my dead

“The miles are overwhelming, and she finds herself annoyed at the world for being so big. In a sudden cloud of invasive thoughts she thinks that humanity would in the end be a better place without all the connectivity and planes and phones that interweave relationships so distant physically that she envies the times when there were no such things – how did people keep up with each other back then? She struggles to imagine couples that had no need to be in constant communication, craves the feeling of waiting for a letter to arrive with news from the distant best friend. Somewhere deep down she truly believes she hates technology.


Perhaps the problem is always with people. Perhaps she would be just as annoyed back then for the lack of updates and the difficulty of spreading good (and bad) news. In the end, it’s about the people – someone who wants to be there will be there. Effort is liquid, and flows through many different channels. And like water, it shapes. It drives. Creates. Oh, the irony.”

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