On goodbyes

“the way they leave
tells you everything”

answers – Rupi Kaur

And so 2016 has ended – farewell. Though time is an abstract idea that aims to humanly capture the movement of the Earth about itself and the sun, we are its slaves.

That is why I personally do not believe in New Year’s resolutions anymore.

I have never been one to be unsure of myself, or to be riddled with self doubt. Overthinking, sure, but never the uncertainty of not trusting my own instincts and decisions that came naturally to me. My everworking brain may be restless, but it is also decisive; I’ve found that most of my impatience stems from the fact that I’ve apparently already made up my mind before the thought even enters my consciousness. That given, I’ve found myself both addicted to and disgusted with how much the screen has dominated my life and confidence – damaging to my self image and my self worth. I have always considered that “ignorance is bliss” is a privilege only of the fools, but more and more I have been realizing that I need that too. I need to be oblivious to social media. I need to get my working head back in a healthy environment where I do not need to be connected to everyone else I know in order to feel good.

I need to reset my priorities and rest my eyes on the right brightness. That of the people around me, of the landscapes I see. No more instant fear of missing out.

If there should be a new year resolution, let it be this; a healthy mind.

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