The Bite

But when the summer starts to bite it’s too late andI know that no amount of begging will bring back theHopeful blossoming coming out of the groundLike little stubs of hope that are too stubborn against the concreteAll things are meant to fall and failTo chaos everything must always returnBut I can’t be blamed for [...]

Mind bug

I'm homesick as hell. My countdown to my first trip home in over a year - 16 days away - is now a question mark, hung in the stretching string of uncertainties sitting over all our heads right now. It's a 0, a "postponed until no one knows when". As a human, and therefore selfish, [...]



At times, you leave me speechless, like when I gaze upon the tiny dots the colorful Christmas lights make against the rich velvety navy sky. They seem to sing, a slow ballad of winter that begs hey, look at me. I am pretty in a way even the bright colors of Autumn can't outshine.

Protein Bars

She hid her face behind her palms. Spread out beneath her was a kitchen table full of snacks - candy bars, pretzels, soft sponge cakes, a variety of nuts deposited into square containers, bowls of chips, gummy bears, granola bars and pigs-in-a-blanket covered every square inch of the polished wooden surface. Amanda agonized, guiltily at her denial of the perfectly fine food spread out in front of her, and selfishly at her immovable knowledge that none of it was just what she wanted.

Not that she knew what she wanted.

The Dog Stars

The Dog Stars by Peter Heller My rating: 5 of 5 stars It is not often that one can read Science Fiction/Dystopian Fiction as poetry - this book goes there. Peter Heller has us landing directly in the middle of the main character's head, almost like a VR set that brings you into a world [...]

The moment before the drop

The moment before the drop

The anticipation had built for hours: I am on my way to get dropped off of an airplane. It is said (if not by someone else, then I'll just make this up right now) that we discover the most intimate depths of ourselves in the moments we get closer to our uncharted territory; to our [...]


You sound like the softest velvet plum Vinegary As in I crave the tanginess between my lips. If people have a taste you’re red wine Crisp and all-encompassing Paired well with my all my sides.

To all the boys who have made me feel stupid before

While my heart isn't the playground where you used to tease and be mean to the girl you liked, let me borrow it as a metaphor. My heart is the chains connecting the swings to the wooden posts; it is the wooden posts themselves, proudly standing like flagpoles and as firm as life itself, taking [...]